Episode 268 – Finality Found

This is the final episode of Allied Strategies, and we have none other than the original co-host of the show, Neal Oliver, to reminisce about the past 6 years we’ve spent together! As the primary reason the show’s ending is that Benjamin is going to work for WOTC, we’ve also picked out some of our favorite Magic card designs to plant some good ideas in his head as he starts working to create this game that we love so much!

Thank you to all of our supporters, Patrons, and listeners – making this show has been a delight and the messages we’ve received from you over the years and the hellos you’ve said at Magic tournaments have meant the world to us.

Episode 263 – ZNR Standard Metagame Snapshot

This week we’re taking a look at several of the decks that occupy the most sizeable portions of the Standard metagame. Though there are some clear pillars of the format, there’s a lot left to explore and a lot of opportunity for a savvy player to be rewarded for good deck selection, building, and tuning, and it’s shaping up to be a format that remains interesting for some time.

Episode 261 – London Mulligan Strategy

This week we’re taking a strategic look at the London Mulligan and discussing how it impacts gameplay, deck selection, deck building, and mulligan decision-making. This was inspired by a blog post by Alex Majlaton, read that here: https://neverdraftingagain.blogspot.com/2020/10/we-probably-dont-understand-london.html

Here’s the reference image for the end story: