Episode 155 – Guilds in Standard

The full spoiler for Guilds of Ravnica is out and there are dozens of cards (and millions of lines of text on them) that are interesting in the context of Standard. Join us this week as we select a few such cards and discuss their potential merits in the post-rotation world. You may also get a leg up on your competition as you learn from Ben’s mistakes how the cards actually function rather than how they would function if you were illiterate.

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Episode 154 – Playing Aggro against Control

Sam Pardee breaks down the nuances of the aggro matchup against control on this week’s episode. You’ll learn how to change your plan of attack against your control opponent based on the specifics of each player’s deck. We’ll also cover the complicated art of playing around sweepers and countermagic, cards that your control opponents are sure to be playing and about which you’ll need to make tough choices to play into. Finally, we’ll dive into how the matchup can change with the introduction of the sideboard. The episode is full of examples from current and past Standards, Modern, and even a bit of Legacy!

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Episode 153 – Guilds of Ravnica Mechanics

How will the mechanics of Guilds of Ravnica play in the limited environment? We’ve analyzed each of them individually to bring you thorough predictions about how they’ll play, what patterns they’ll incentivize, and how highly you’ll need to prioritize certain effects. We also discussed the tension or accord created by mechanics overlapping in colors, and how that could lead to fierce competition over certain types of cards in draft while leaving other powerful effects to the only drafter at the table who is interested.

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Episode 152 – The Flavors of Red

Sam Pardee joins the show this week to dive deep into the nuances of Red decks in Standard. Many guides lump all Red decks together, but you can gain an edge by figuring out what specific plan your opponent is enacting, and by carefully paying attention to which cards they’ve played you can infer much of their decklist. This episode also goes into how figuring out which specific Red deck you’re up against can inform how you play the match and how you approach the sideboarded games.

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Banter Compilation 1

We took some of the best Banter/End Story content from the past 20 or so episodes and condensed it into a 20 minute compilation. Don’t worry, our regularly scheduled content is still coming later this week, this is a bonus! Let us know what you think about this sort of content and if it’s something you’d like to hear more of in the future.

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Episode 151 – Mailbag!

For the past month or so, we’ve been collecting your questions on a variety of Magic and not-so-Magic topics, and today we’re answering them all!

Today we’re also saying goodbye to Neal – he’s transitioning from being a co-host to a listener due to Magic becoming a smaller part of his life. We’re so thankful for all the heart he’s poured into this podcast over the past three years, and we wish him nothing but the best going forward.

Ben and Tristan plan to continue the show, and we’re looking to add a new host to bring our number back to three so that we can continue to always gang up on one person, as is tradition. To that end, we’ve got an exciting guest lined up for next week who may even become our new co-host!

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Episode 150 – Pro Tour Champion Allen Wu

Special guest Pro Tour 25th Anniversary Champion Allen Wu joins us this week to talk about his victory and the legacy deck he played at the tournament. Learn about the technology he likes in the deck, his thoughts on Legacy in general, and his delightful teammates.

Next week will be our mailbag episode – send us questions here or on twitter @alliedstrats!

Here’s a written interview with him from Thraben University if you want to learn more: http://www.thrabenuniversity.com/?p=1936

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