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Episode 118 – Heuristics

How do you think about Magic? One way to organize thought around this complicated game is the use of heuristics – these are rules of thumb, mental shortcuts, and ways of thinking that can help you save time and more quickly and reliably identify the correct play in a game of Magic. They can also help you increase the accuracy of your card evaluation and improve your ability to analyze matchups. This week, we talked about some of the most popular Heuristics in Magic and expanded on most of them with our own examples, intricacies, and corollaries.

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Episode 117 – The MMM

This week, Ben, Neal, and Tristan take a look at the current state of the Modern Metagame. We talk about many of the biggest decks in the format as well as a few less popular but still known decks.

Modern season is ramping up as we approach the Pro Tour, so we may revisit the format in the next few podcasts!

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Patreon Deck Episode 2 – Saheeli Dinosaurs

Welcome to a special bonus edition of Allied Strategies! This is our second Patreon Deck Episode – it came out a whole week ago for our Patrons over at

We took a look at a card that has fallen out of favor in Standard since the banning of Felidar Guardian: Saheeli Rai, and tried to combine it with some powerful dinosaurs to maximize her most powerful loyalty ability – some of the dinosaurs have incredible synergy with that ability!

You can check out the final product decklist from this week here:

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Episode 116 – Fun Iconic Masters Stuff

This week, Tristan talks with Neal and Ben about the Iconic Masters drafts he’s been doing. The set is full of powerful cards and exciting combos, many of which we discuss this episode – but if you play a draft or two of the set you’ll see that we just scratched the surface of the cool things you can do in the format.

If you’re a Patron, check out our most recent Patreon Deck Episode which just came out for you over on our Patreon feed. If not, you can become a Patron over at or wait 6 days for it to become unlocked for the general public.

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Episode 115 – Ixalan Sideboarding

This week we talk about sideboarding in Ixalan limited. We came equipped with a ton of specific examples of situations that change the value of cards to an extent that may push them over the line from sideboard to maindeck – or the reverse. We also explore a bit of the theory of sideboarding to complement our examples.

Look forward to some exciting new content over the next few weeks – including our Ixalan edition of the Patreon Deck Episode. The topics of that are being voted on by Friends of the Podcast over on Patreon right now! If you want, that can be you too, over at

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Episode 114 – An Energized Pro Tour

This week, Ben talks with us about his experience at Pro Tour Ixalan. He explains his decision to join with the majority of players at the PT in fielding a Temur Energy variant, and explains his reasoning behind the specific card choices he and his team made. Neal and Tristan, predictably, waylay the episode with a few tangents along the way.

Our Patreon Deck Episode for Ixalan is coming soon! Next week, Patrons at the Friend of the Podcast or higher levels will be voting on which deck we’ll do, then the following week, the episode will air for Patrons, and then the week after that it’ll air for everyone! We’re looking forward to another metagame-shattering success.

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Episode 113 – Preparing for PT Ixalan

In this episode, which was recorded last week, we lift the veil of until-recently-Gold-Pro Ben Weitz’s testing for Pro Tour Ixalan! This Pro Tour is remarkable in that we’ve had such a long time between the set’s release and the event itself, due to Wizards’ new timing of the World Championships, we talk with Ben about the impact of this timing, and how that combined with the relatively low impact of Ixalan to create a Pro Tour more heavily tilted towards tuners and away from brewers than any in recent memory.

We also did an experimental end story bit which we decided to only air if it was funny, listen to the episode to see if we did.

Next week we’ll engage in a hearty postmortem of the Pro Tour with soon-to-be-PT-Champ Ben Weitz who will have hopefully skipped his old status of Gold and jumped straight from Silver to Platinum this weekend! Fingers Crossed!

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