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Episode 125 – Sticks and Seers

Our Podcast’s very own Ben Weitz drafted in a feature pod at the recent Pro Tour – which means the entire draft was recorded for posterity! This week on the show we dive in to that draft and go over every single pick that Ben made. If you want to follow along, here is the link to the draft viewer:

We also spend some time discussing the massive unbannings of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf in Modern, a change which is exciting if perhaps a bit dangerous.

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Episode 124 – Decks Ben Almost Played

Dedicated Pro Players like Ben spent months testing Modern, but each could only register one deck for the Pro Tour itself. This week we dive into that testing process with a focus on all of the other decks that Ben tried before ending up on boring old affinity for the tournament itself.

Last time there was a Modern PT, Ben was one of the players most responsible for the East-West Bowl build of Eldrazi that won the tournament and dominated the metagame until it was banned, so there’s a lot to learn from the archetypes and specific cards he decided to spend his time on in the runup to this tournament.

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Episode 123 – Teaming Up

Neal and Ben almost won a GP! They made it to the top 4 of last weekend’s GP Indy on a team with Eric Severson, who joins us this week for his second appearance on Allied Strategies to discuss Team events.

This year features a large amount of team tournaments of a variety of formats and though we mostly talk about Team Limited, you’ll also hear some of our wisdom regarding Team Trios Constructed and Team Unified Constructed.

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Patreon Deck Episode 3 – Merfolk

This special edition of Allied Strategies aired one week early for our supporters over at Patreon! We took a look at Merfolk, the tribe which won the Patreon poll, and built a sleek and aggressive deck that looks capable of coming in way under its opponents, then closing out games with a combination of cheap card advantage, countermagic, and evasion.

Note that there will still be a regular edition of Allied Strategies coming out tomorrow!

Check out the decklist we ended up with at

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Episode 122 – RIX Limited

Ready to get your face smashed in by broken Rares? Well for an hour, we’re gonna pretend that’s not what’s going on in Rivals and instead talk about some of the limited cards we think may be over/underrated in these early days of the format.

If you’re a Patron, our RIX edition of the Patreon Deck Episode aired yesterday but you’ll need to access it through your Patreon Feed – it’ll air here for everyone else next Wednesday, one day before Episode 123!

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Episode 121 – RIX Constructed Part Two

We’re breaking new ground today by giving Rivals of Ixalan a second Constructed preview podcast – we’ve chosen more cards (better ones, this time!) and have a bunch of exciting ideas for how they might fit into Standard.

Since the upcoming Pro Tour is Modern rather than Standard, Ben is able to talk about Standard much more freely than he normally can, so we’ve decided to do our Patreon Deck Episode for Rivals of Ixalan next week – before the set even launches! Depending on what our Patrons pick, we’ll build a deck around one of the four tribes of the set, and then that bonus episode will release next Wednesday for Patrons and the Wednesday after for everyone else.

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Episode 120 – RIX Constructed Predictions

As you may be able to guess from the title, this week we make some predictions about how Rivals of Ixalan might impact constructed formats by picking some of the cards that have been spoiled so far and discussing their merits.

Neal, the idealistic optimist, believes that basically every card we talk about will have a place somewhere, while Ben shoots down everyone else’s cards and picks only boring obvious winners to talk about himself. Tristan is perfectly positioned in the middle, correctly evaluating every card, probably.

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