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Episode 254 – Drafting High vs Low Powered Sets

Learn the strategic adjustments we suggest based on the power level of the format! Tips and tricks are given for formats everywhere on the spectrum from the highest power level formats, like Masters sets, all the way down to the most basic Core Set.

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Episode 252 – Surprise Bans!

Here’s the B&R announcement:

This week we’re discussing these bans and the kind of cards and strategies that may be enabled by them.

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Episode 251 – Benjamin Finally does OK at a Magic Tournament

Benjamin has experienced some uncharacteristic success and will be making an appearance in the top 8 over at this weekend as the first seed! This week we inflate his ego further by discussing this, though we make sure to keep it in check with frequent backhanded compliments.

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Episode 250 – Untitled Podcast

This week we didn’t really have anything to talk about – the PT finals are coming up this weekend and both Ben and Sam have been prepping but neither felt like talking much about it, so instead we talked about all kinds of things. We hope to be back to magic soon, but we’re all a little burned out on it right now!

Here’s the image mentioned near the start of the show:

And here’s a link to the Quora post mentioned after the music at the end:

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Episode 249 – What to do if you’re bad at the best deck.

As is tradition, there are some Organized Play changes that draw discussion from us as part of this week’s show. Here’s a link if you want to follow along:

After that, we transition to our main topic – Benjamin’s getting ready to play the PT finals with a deck that he neither enjoys nor is any good at. This is not a situation that most players need to put themselves through, but it does at least partially resonate with many of us.

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