Episode 112 – Ixalan Sealed

As promised last week, here’s an episode in which we discuss Ixalan Sealed! All 3 of us are attending Grand Prix Phoenix in a couple weeks, which will be Ixalan Sealed, so the topic is timely. Learn about how each of the tribes ports over from draft, which strategies are most commonly available, and what idiotic Cards of the Week our hosts have chosen this time! Actually, that’s not fair, we picked some pretty interesting ones this week.

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Episode 111 – A Worlds Without Ixalan

This week we talk about the 2017 MTG World Championship and the Standard format that was on display there – we discuss Ixalan’s impact on the format, and talk about some of the many great decisions made by the Peach Garden Oath at the tournament.

Near the start of the episode we say we’re also going to talk about Ixalan Sealed this week, but we end up getting so enmeshed in discussion of Worlds that we ran out of time before we could start on that topic – so it’ll be done in a future episode, perhaps even next week!

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Episode 110 – A Relationship with Magic

This week we discuss our relationships with Magic in light of Neal’s recent decision to step back from writing weekly articles and doing Magic streams. Be warned, this episode contains very little Magic strategy – but that will return next week!

We also reprise a popular (among us at least) segment called Will of the Council, in which we compare various things against each other by having each host select one of the two choices, and whichever gets more votes is declared the winner, while any hosts foolish enough to support the loser get ridiculed.

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Episode 109 – Ixalan First Impressions

This week, our three hosts return from prerelease weekend and a few Magic Online drafts to discuss Ixalan limited after their first few forays into the format. This set has already received some negative press from various Magic professionals on twitter – but the Allied Strategies team is optimistic about the format – Tristan discusses the powerhouse that is Ancient Brontodon in Blue/Black decks, Ben Revels in Riches, and Neal considers the implications of the low power level of most Ixalan Rares and the relative smallness of most creatures.

Next week’s episode will be about a day late because of Neal – tweet at him to complain.

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Episode 108 – The Second Sunbird

This week we dive into Ixalan by brewing up a Standard deck around the powerful interaction of Sunbird’s Invocation and Approach of the Second Sun. Here’s the decklist we came up with – though we must warn you that this is certainly one of the clunkier decks we’ve come up with and probably will require a great deal of tuning and likely the addition of other colors.

3 Magma Spray

4 Abrade

2 Tormenting Voice

3 Treasure Map

4 Wily Goblin

4 Chandra

3 Cast Out

4 Hour of Devastation

4 Sunbird’s Invocation

4 Approach

4 Vantage

21 Other lands


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